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This page lists software that we consider essential or very
helpful for using your Pocket PC to maximize your productivity.

Pocket Informant

  by WebIS
  Pocket Informant replaces your built in Contacts, Calendar, and Task applicationswith more powerful, full-featured versions in one integrated application. It is customizable to your tastes with all colors and options configurable, plus plug-ins to add more features.
Cost: $20
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  by Ilium Software
  ListPro provides an easy way to make, use, and re-use your lists. It is customizable, allows quick drag and drop, and has desktop companion program.
Cost: $25
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  by Ilium Software
  eWallet keeps all your important information in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralized, and portable wherever you want it. Keep track of passwords, account numbers, PINs, phone numbers, URLs, expiration dates, and notes for all accounts. A desktop version is also available to view, edit, add, and delete records.
Cost: $25 ($30 for both Pocket PC version and desktop version)
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