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Campus Crusade for Christ Materials Review

by Tim Drenk
Posted 5/30/02

Campus Crusade for Christ has published some of the best materials for sharing your relationship with Jesus Christ with others. Dr. Bill Bright's Four Spiritual Laws and Spirit-Filled Life booklets are used around the world in over 130 different languages. They are easy to use tools (although certainly not the only ones) to communicate God's truths about experiencing the full and meaningful life Jesus talked about in John 10:10. For this reason, I was excited to see that Campus Crusade saw the value of making these materials available to handheld computers. As with the Bible, now that I am able to carry these booklets on my Pocket PC, I always have them with me.

There are four booklets available in Microsoft Reader format: Four Laws, Would You Like to Know God Personally, Jesus and the Intellectual, and Spirit-Filled Life. The Four Laws and Would You Like to Know God Personally are tools to introduce others to Jesus Christ. The only difference between them is the word "principle" is used instead of "law" in the Would You Like to Know God Personally. Jesus and the Intellectual describes who Jesus is and what he can give us. The Spirit-Filled Life introduces us to the power of the Holy Spirit and how to incorporate his power into our lives. You can also go to Campus Crusade's site for each booklet: Four Laws, Would You Like to Know God Personally, Jesus and the Intellectual, Spirit-Filled Life.

Once I installed them, I was a little disappointed. First, I think Palm Reader is a better ebook reader, but I can understand why they used Microsoft Reader. The next thing that caught my attention was the Microsoft Word logo in the library next to each book. Obviously Microsoft's Read in Microsoft Reader (RMR) tool for Word was used. Given the high quality of most of Campus Crusade's material, it's a glaring oversight not to include custom cover graphics.

The next disappointment is there is no Table of Contents in any of the booklets. While it's not as critical as a Table of Contents is for a long book, being able to quickly jump to a specific spot is nice feature. For the Gospel presentation, being able to move around the program is not as important. It is more important for the Spirit-Filled Life program since I have sometimes started at the end of the paper booklet, describing Spiritual breathing to the person. Since the RMR tool does create a Table of Contents, it could have easily been included.

The booklets do use many of the same graphics as their paper counterpart. As I read through the booklets, however, there are some spots where they should have taken the time to format them correctly, i.e. single lines hanging on separate pages and graphics are cut off because they are too wide for the screen. After reading enough ebooks that have a very professionally produced feel to them, these feel amateurish.

One nice feature of these ebooks is you can beam them to another Pocket PC using the built-in File Explorer. You can share them with other believers or give the person you are sharing with the option to read it on their own Pocket PC.

If you are looking for other tools, Laridian has three eTracts available to download for free, Romans Road, The Good Shepherd, and The Light. These are stand alone programs that have a more refined look and feel to them.


Ultimately these four booklets are still good tools to use. If you are familiar with these booklets, these will be welcome addition to your Pocket PC. And hopefully, Campus Crusade will polish these booklets up and give them a more professional feel. Regardless of the tool you choose, I hope you use it to communicate with others the truths of God and his Word.

Price: Free


  • Very Good Tools
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Paper booklets are no longer needed


  • Amateurish feel
  • No Table of Contents


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