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Handhelds and Churches

by Tim Drenk
One of the great features of handhelds is being able to view content whereever your are. That ability has created a new market for books and material. I can buy the ebook edition of a best selling novel and read it on my handheld wherever I am and when ever my schedule permits. Instead of reading an outdated magazine at the doctor's office, I can use my handheld to read my Bible or the latest edition of a magazine I choose.

Being able to read books or other material on handhelds is something that the church and other organizations can use to help build the Kingdom of God. Imagine listening to a sermon on prayer, then walking out of the church service and getting the sermon outline and relevant verses on prayer sent wirelessly to your handheld. I can remember a great sermon, but I can't always remember what Scripture was referenced or even all of the main points. Having the sermon outline and Bible verses at my finger tip would be a valuable resource for conversation and review. Imagine having apologetic resources on your handheld. If someone asked why the Bible is reliable and trustworthy, you would have the relevant information immediately available.

Of course, I am not saying that having this type of information on your handheld is the answer to spiritual growth. If you don't use the information, having it with you is just a nice idea. But having it with you can be part of the process of spiritual growth. A part of learning spiritual truth is reviewing it. Anything that I hear once, I am likely to forget. Anything I review, I am more likely to remember and can use it when I need it. If I do forget it, I can quickly refer to my handheld to be reminded of it.

My vision is to help the church take advantage of the technology that is growing in popularity and use it to further their ministry. I would like to see churches provide material for handhelds that will help people grow spiritually and share their faith with others. Since most churches don't know how to accomplish this, I can provide the experience and knowledge they need. If this idea interests you, please email me for more information.
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