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How to change the category of many items at once.

If you are just starting to use categories with existing items in the Address Book, To Do List, and Memo Pad, or want to modify your existing categories, changing each items category is a tedious process. Fortunately, there is a simpler way of doing it. First, you need to download Mass Transit which is free. Click here if you use Windows or here if you use Macintosh to download it. The next step is to install it on to your Palm device and then tap on the Mass Transit icon to launch the program. You will see a screen similar to this.

At the top of the screen, you can choose which database or program you wish to see (Address Book, Memo Pad, To Do List). Below that, you can choose which category of items you wish to view. In the middle of the screen are the items in the category of the program you've chosen. Use the check boxes on the left to select which item(s) you want to change category. On the bottom, you can choose to move the items you've checked into a different category or delete them. If you select move, be sure to select which category you want to move the items to with the pop-up menu. Once you have selected the items you want and what to do with them, tap "Go!" at the very bottom of the screen. A window will appear asking you to confirm the move or the delete. Tap the appropriate button. You have just successfully changed the category of multiple items at one time.

How to do an advanced search for contacts.

With only 15 categories, there are times that is not specific enough. One way to find or see an even smaller group within categories is to add key words to those contacts. I use the custom fields for this, but using the notes or even a unused phone field works. For example, with in a broad category of Ministry, I have added the key word "Tech" to those contacts that deal with the technical side in their organization in the last custom field. To see every contact with that key word, I perform a Find for that word. Since I am in the Address Book, it is searched first and the results display all the contacts with that key word. The advantages of doing this are you can narrow your list of contacts beyond 15 categories and a contact can have as many key words as you want. The disadvantage of this is if you already have a long list of contacts, going back through them to add key words is a lot of work (I would suggest using your desktop to do it as it is generally quicker).
Idea Submitted by Fred D.

How to keep the backlight on.

The backlight on Palm devices is a great feature allowing you to use your Palm in low light or no light situations. The Palm m505 Handheld almost needs the backlight (it's really a sidelight) on all the time except in direct light. Once you turn the backlight on (press and hold the power button for a few seconds), it automatically turns off after a few minutes to conserve power. Fortunately there is a free and easy solution to keep the backlight on all the time. First, download X-Master if you don't already have it or something like it (click here to get X-Master) and download Keep Lit Hack (click here for Windows users or click here for Mac users). Keep Lit Hack allows you to keep the backlighting on all the time. After you install them, launch X-Master, tap on Keep Lit Hack, then tap on Configure at the bottom of the screen.

In Keep Lit Hack, you have the option to keep the backlight on in cradle. With hacks like GlowHack, the backlight turns off after the "Auto-off After" period when the Palm is in the cradle. This option keeps the backlight on when it's in the cradle. Tap "OK" when you are finished and check the box left of "Keep Lit Hack" to enable it. You can turn the backlighting off and on normally (press and hold the power button down until the backlighting turns off or on). Now your backlighting will be on every time you turn your Palm on. Keep in mind, the downside to having your backlight on all the time is you will use up your battery much faster, so be sure to watch your battery indicator.

If you have already installed GlowHack, after you install and enable KeepLitHack (checking the box next to it in X-Master), just uncheck the box next to GlowHack and you can delete if you want. Be sure to uncheck it first before you delete it or it could cause an error.

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