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Date Book

  • Use the squares at the bottom-left corner or the button to switch between views.
  • To see the current time, tap and hold in the upper-left corner. You need to tap and hold since tapping at the top will pop down the menus.
  • Write a number or letter to quickly create an appointment.With nothing selected, writing a number will bring up the "Set Time" window with the time you wrote selected. Writing a letter will create am untimed appointment.
  • Tap on the time to change the time of the appointment.
  • Use the "Go to" button. Use the "Go to" button to quickly navigate to a different day, week, or month (depending on what view you are in).
  • Use the Alarm, the Repeating, and the Note features. Select an appointment, tap "Details" and you can use these features.
    - Alarm: Check the checkbox and select when you want the alarm to sound.
    - Repeat: Tap on "None", then select how often you what the appointment to repeat and an ending date if desired. Then tap "Ok".
    - Note: Tap "Note". Write whatever you need to attach to the appointment. In the Day view, tap Note icon on the right side (it looks like a piece of paper with the bottom right corner tapped) to view and edit the note.
  • In the Week view, tap on the gray blocks to display details.
  • In the Month view,
    +  Non-timed event,
    ...  Repeating event
    |   Morning, Noon, or Afternoon/Evening Appointment

Address Book

  • The first phone number you enter will be the one displayed.
  • Tap on the Phone field labels to change the label.
  • Each field can hold more than one line of information. In each field, either a word wrap or a return will go to the next line.
  • Use categories for each contact.
  • Set your business card: Select the address entry you want as your digital business card, tap the "Menu Button", and under "Record", tap "Select Business Card". Then regardless of the entry you are looking at, you can beam you Business Card to someone else.

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To Do List

  • Set what you want to show: Tap "Show" at the bottom of the screen, and select the options you want.
    - "Show Only Due Items" will only show those items with today's date or past due items.
    - "Record Completion Date" changes the itemÕs date to today's date.
  • Start writing to create a new To Do.
  • Tap on the number to change the priority.
  • Use categories for each To Do.

Memo Pad

  • Set how your memos are sorted.
  • Use categories for each memo.

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