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This page lists software that helps you
keep track of where you are in the world.


  by Jens Rupp
  A clock with an alarm, a second clock with a selectable worldtime, and a timer/stopwatch. Everything is displayed in large easy to read numbers. The timer works even when the Palm device is off. The layout and sounds are completely configerable.
Cost: Free
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  by Henrique M. Martins
  Currency is a free currency database, conversion and calculator utility. It features 165 currencies and 10 fully configurable entries. Exchange rates are updated daily. A free conduit is available that automatically updates exchange rates during each Hot-Sync.
Cost: Free
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Daily Rates Update


  by AirSpell
  An alarm clock with the unique feature of being able to turn on any appliance equipped with a remote control sensor by using your handheld built-in infrared port. With AirClock you can wake up to your CD player, DVD player, TV, radio, or anything else with an IR sensor.
Cost: $20, currently on sale for $15
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Travel Assistant

  by Handmark, Inc.
  Travel Assistant is 4 programs bundled together. Itinerary keeps all your travel plans, reservations, itinerary, listings of airports, hotels, and car rentals in one convenient spot. Translator is a database of commonly used words for over 35 languages. Currency Exchange gives exchange rates. SuperClock is a basic alarm clock.
Cost: $20
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