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This page lists software that we consider essential or very
helpful for using your Palm to maximize your productivity.

DateBk3 and DateBk5

  by Pimlico Software
  Absolutely the best $25 you'll ever spend on Palm software. This program offers more power than the built-in DateBook and integrates ToDo's into each calendar view. It uses the built-in DateBook database so everything you do in DateBk3/5 appears in your normal desktop calendar, yet there are still dozens more new or improved features that will make you instantly happier with your Palm device. Note: If you have a Handspring, Inc. Visor, you won't need DateBk3. Handspring licensed 95% of DateBk3's code to incorporate the improvements into DateBook+. DateBk5 adds many new functions, including color support, color icons, and categories for calendar events. If space is limited on your device, DateBk3 is the better choice since DateBk3 requires less than 300k while DateBk5 requires around 600k.
Cost: DateBk3 is $20; DateBk5 is $25
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Action Names

  by iambic Software
  Action Names is a scheduler and contact manager that adds many new functions such as contact history, contact sorting and grouping options, and multi-line events. Action Names syncs with the native databases so all information is synced to your desktop calendar.
Cost: $25
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  by Teal Point
  A replacement for the built-in Address. It offers an improved interface and many convenient enhancements including a quick seek index bar, a large integrated display, multiple sorting options, and many more.
Cost: $18
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  by Code Jedi
  It's a outliner, task and project manager. It supports different types of lists, linking inbetween files and built-in apps, and highly customizable. There is a Windows companion program available and a Macintosh version on the way.
Cost: $13 for Palm only, $20 for Palm and Windows
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ToDo Plus

  by Hands High Software
  A replacement for the To Do List. You can add drawings, set an alarm for a To Do, create repeating tasks, and see categories at a glance.
Cost: $20
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Documents To Go Pro

  by Dataviz, Inc
  Documents To Go lets you use your Word and Excel documents on your Palm. View documents with bold, italics, underlines, justifications, indentations, auto-bulleting and numbering, and tables. Edit the documents on your Palm, then when you HotSync, all changes are made to the original documents on the desktop computer. Everytime you synchronize or open Documents To Go, it will check to make sure all your linked files are up-to-date.
Note:Palm has included Documents to Go Pro with the m500 series devices.
Cost: $50
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  by Blue Nomad Software
  WordSmith is the most revolutionary, intuitive and full-featured word processor, doc viewer and enhanced memo pad available for the Palm organizer. WordSmith synchronizes and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word so that your desktop documents can easily be transferred to your organizer and vice versa with little or no change in formatting! WordSmith includees a bi-directional conduit for Windows and Mac OS and command-line converters for Windows and Linux/Intel!
Cost: $30
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  by Aportis Technology
  A tool to easily organize your ideas, project plans, agendas, meeting notes, task lists, speeches, shopping lists, and much more. Arrange your ideas into outlines, mini-projects plans, and checklists by dragging and dropping. For an extra $10 to get the Pro version, you can get a desktop version that can create and modify all of your files.
Cost: $30
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Splash ID

  by Splash Data
  A secure application for tracking sensitive data. You can store vital information and account information in one place with one password. Keep track of passwords, account numbers, PINs, phone numbers, URLs, expiration dates, and notes for all accounts. A desktop version for Windows and Mac is also included to view, edit, add, and delete records.
Cost: $20
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Pocket Quicken 2

  by Landware
  For those of you who can't live without Quicken, you don't have to. Pocket Quicken records account transactions and keeps ending balances for each account. It has flexible overview displays, track budgets, and many more features. It syncs with your desktop computer's full version of Quicken 99, 2000, 2001, 2002 to keep your accounts up to date.
Cost: $40
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