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This page lists software that we consider essential or very helpful
for increasing your ability to use your handheld in ministry.


  by Palm Digital Media
  A free document reader program that can view ebooks published by peanutpress.com and docs. PalmReader, previously named Peanut Reader, was bought by Palm and is included with new Palms. Discovery Ministry's Discussion Reviews for the Essentials for Spiritual Growth Series, Personal Time with God cards and other ebooks are in this format.
Cost: Free
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  by Laridian Publishing
  The Bible on the Palm. Navigate to any verse quickly and easily. Find all occurances of any word in seconds. Set bookmarks for your favorite verses. Install two or more translations and compare passages with one tap. Each translation uses approximately 1.5MB RAM. Translations available are NIV, NLT, NAS, RSV, NKJV, and KJV.
Cost: $10 for MyBible Program, $30 for NIV and NAS, $20 for NLT, RSV, NKJV, and KJV.
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  by Olive Tree
  Another Bible on the Palm. The advantage is the BibleReader Program is free as well as numerous translations such as the ASV and the KJV. Olive Tree has done a great job of providing the Bible in other languages, many of which are free. BibleReader is also the only Bible to provide additional resources such as Strong's Numbers and dictionaries. Translations for purchase are NASB, NASB with Strong's Numbers and Hebrew/Greek Dictionaries, NRSV, NKJV, NET, CEV, TEV, and the Bible in other languages.
Cost: BibleReader, ASV, KJV are Free, other translations vary, click here for pricing.

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  by Laridian Publishing
  Memorize! helps you keep a list of Scripture verses, memorize those verses and review them. You can enter Scripture verses and categorize them to suit your needs. You then can view the list of all the verses you have entered or verses in a specific category. You can review and test as many or as few verses in your list as you want.
Cost: $10
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  by Laridian Publishing
  Regardless of where you are, you can pray for other's prayer requests. Enter and review information about each request, including the person or need you are praying for to help you pray. Plus, keep track of when you begin to pray for the request and when God answered. Use the journal feature to keep a log of your prayer times or important thoughts.
Cost: $8
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  by DDH Software
  A relational and user friendly database program. You can use HanDBase for tracking an logging information, collecting data, using as a reference resource, and downloading data files to use any where. A desktop version is included with the program. Databases are easily created or download a ready made database that meets your needs. DDH Software has a large library of databases that you can find here. HanDBase Plus also comes with a two way conduit that merges data changes between the Palm and desktop.
Cost: $25 (HanDBase Plus is $30)
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