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This page lists software that helps you to keep in contact with
others using yourhandheld no matter where you are.


  by AvantGo, Inc.
  With AvantGo, you can get information from a web site or channel on your Palm that has been optimized for viewing on your handheld. You can get news stock quotes, flight schedules, movie listings, resturant reviews, maps, weather, and other information that you choose. All you need to do is register and down load the software.
Cost: Free
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  by Actual Software
  A full featured email program that supports POP3/IMAP4/NNT and email attachments. Using the MultiMail Conduit, you can sync your email with youe Windows or Macintosh desktop. Actual Software was recently acquired by Palm Computing.
Cost: $40; $60 for MultiMail bundled with conduit.
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  by Okamo Soft
  MsgAgent is an internet messaging client that supports email (SMTP/POP3) and internet newsgroups. There are no resrictions on maximum message size and supports NNTP authentication. It is, however, still being developed.
Cost: Free
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