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Memorize! Review

by Tim Drenk
Posted 1/7/02

You know the importance of memorizing Scripture. You know consistently and constantly reviewing memorized Scripture is essential to remembering them. And you know how useful your Palm OS device is for keeping track of information. Now you can use your Palm to help you keep track of and memorize Scripture using Memorize!.

Memorize!, distributed by Laridian who also distributes MyBible, helps you keep a list of Scripture verses, memorize those verses and review them. You can enter Scripture verses and categorize them to suit your needs. You then can view the list of all the verses you have entered or verses in a specific category. You can review and test as many or as few verses in your list as you want.

Using Memorize

The main screen of Memorize! shows the list of verses. You can select the category in the upper right hand of the verses you want to see. Along with using the buttons at the bottom of the screen and command strokes to review or test a verse, you can double tap a verse to review or test a verse. You can select which one you want to happen by choosing the appropriate option in the preferences (Options > Preferences...). The verses are listed in the order you entered them, however, you can change the order of the verses. You can use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" commands to move the selected verse up or down in the list.

Adding a new verse

Adding a verse is quick and straight forward. After tapping "New" in the main screen, you enter the reference and translation of the verse you wish to memorize or review. The category is selected in the middle of the screen instead of the usual spot in the upper right hand corner. You can enter a short hint (limited to 40 characters) to help yourself recall the verse when you use the testing feature of Memorize!. You also enter the text of the verse in the same screen. You can enter verses that span whole chapters or multiple chapters since the limit is 4000 characters. Of course, you can always go back and edit any verse you've added by using the Edit menu option.

One of the best features of Memorize! is being able to import the verse from MyBible instead of having to type it in. After entering the reference and the translation, tap "MyBible Import" and the verse will be entered in. Entering abbreviations or just part of the book name will work. If you use an abbreviation it doesn't know or misspell the name, a message will tell you it doesn't recognize what you entered. Click here to see the abbreviations Memorize! uses. Note: You will need get an updated version of MyBible to be able to import, which is free from Laridian for registered users.

Reviewing a verse

Reviewing a verse displays the reference, the translation, and the full verse. You can page through the verses in the selected category by using the "Up" and "Down" buttons. Tapping in the upper-right hand of the screen will change the category of the verses that are being displayed.

Testing a verse

Testing a verse can show how well you know the verse. After selecting a verse and tapping "Test", the reference of the verse is displayed. You need to write the first letter of each word. When you write the correct letter, the word is displayed; if you write the wrong letter, you hear a beep. For example, if the verse starts with "And this is what God has testified:..." write "a", "t", "i", "w", "g", "h", "t". You don't need to worry about punctuation or capitals. If you get stuck, you have three options. 1. Tap "Hint" to display the hint you entered for the verse. 2. Tap "Help" or make a space to display the next word of the verse. 3. Tap "Show" to display the whole verse. There is a repeat option (Record > Repeat) to test the same verse again. Like when reviewing a verse, you can page through the verses in the selected category by using the "Up" and "Down" buttons and tapping in the upper-right hand of the screen will change the category of the verses that are being displayed.

Being reminded to review

You have the option of Memorize! reminding you daily to work on . You can turn on the daily reminder and select the time of the reminder in the Preferences screen. Then every day at the chosen time, Memorize! will display an alert that says, "Don't forget to review your Scripture memory today." You can tap "Review Now" which launches Memorize! so you can use it immediately. You can tap "Snooze" which will bring up the alert again in 15 minutes. Or you can tap "Ignore" and the reminder will reappear the next day. This is a very useful feature if you need a daily reminder. If you don't want to use it, it will never get in your way.


Memorize! is an easy to use program that you can use to suit your needs. Use it to help you memorize Scripture, keep a list of favorite verses, or both. Being able to actually test your memory and the import and daily reminder features set this program far and above any list or database program used to keep Scripture verses. Although the main purpose of Memorize! is to help you memorize Scripture verses, it is also very useful for keeping a list of Scripture verses for easy reference. Instead of using the bookmark feature in MyBible for a long list of favorite verses, use Memorize!. Memorize! offers more options than the bookmark feature, namely categories, and you view just the verse. There are two features I hope the author adds. 1. I would like to be able to beam a verse to someone else with Memorize!. 2. I would like the ability to use multiple databases of verses and create databases that can be given out to other people. Overall, this is a great program that is very reasonably priced. Memorize! adds another powerful element in using a Palm OS device for spiritual growth.

Price: $9.99

- Easy to use
- Actually tests your memory
- Imports verses from MyBible
- Can give you daily reminders to review

- None
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Abbreviations Memorize! and MyBible Uses

Gen - Gensis   Isa - Isaiah   Rom - Romans
Ex - Exodus   Jer - Jeremiah   1Cor - 1 Corinthians
Lev - Levitcus   Lam - Lamentations   2Cor - 2 Corinthians
Num - Numbers   Eze - Ezekial   Gal - Galations
Dt - Deuteronomy   Dan - Danial   Eph - Ephesians
Jos - Joshua   Hos - Hosea   Phil - Philippians
Jdg - Judges   Joel - Joel   Col - Colossians
Ru - Ruth   Am - Amos   1Th - 1 Thessalonians
1Sa - 1 Samuel   Ob - Obadiah   2Th - 2 Thessalonians
2Sa - 2 Samuel   Jnh - Jonah   1Tim - 1 Timothy
1Ki - 1 Kings   Mic - Micah   2Tim - 2 Timothy
2Ki - 2 Kings   Nah - Nahum   Tit - Titus
1Chr - 1 Chronicles   Hab - Habakkuk   Philem - Philemon
2Chr - 2 Chronicles   Zeph - Zephaniah   Heb - Hebrews
Ezra - Ezra   Hag - Haggai   Jas - James
Neh - Nehemiah   Zech - Zechariah   1Pet - 1 Peter
Est - Esther   Mal - Malachi   2Pet - 2 Peter
Job - Job   Mt - Matthew   1Jn - 1 John
Ps - Psalms   Mk - Mark   2Jn - 2 John
Pr - Proverbs   Lk - Luke   3Jn - 3 John
Ecc - Ecclesiates   Jn - John   Jude - Jude
SS - Song of Solomon   Acts - Acts   Rev - Revelation
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