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DailyReader Review

by Tim Drenk
Posted 12/18/02

DailyReader by Laridian provides an easy way to keep up and keep track of your daily Bible reading or other devotional readings. The One Year Bible, which is included with DailyReader, is a popular Bible reading plan that walks you through the entire Bible in a year with verses from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms, and Proverbs.

Using DailyReader

Using DailyReader is straight forward. Each day, DailyReader presents you with the current day's reading from the One Year Bible and/or your choice of devotional book. When you've finished the reading, check off the OK box at the top of the screen. The check box allows DailyReader to track your progress through out the year.

DailyReader uses MyBible (click here to read a review of MyBible) to display the verses included in the reading. Just tap on the reference to read that passage. If you have one translation installed, DailyReader will automatically use it. If you have multiple translations installed, DailyReader will use the translation you viewed last in MyBible. If you always want to use a specific translation, you can enter the abbreviation in DailyReader's preferences.

At the top of the screen, there is an R, B, and F. The R moves you back to the devotional book. The B moves you to the Bible reference (it works only after you have first tapped on a reference). The F moves you to the "Front Matter", which includes the title page, copyright information, forward, introduction, etc.

DailyReader offers some features that make it far more flexible than printed devotionals. First, moving to different days or unread readings is very quick. Simply select where you what to go under "View" on the menu bar. Second, you can select your starting date. Instead of being limited to starting the One Year Bible on January 1st or starting part way through, you can start on any day you want. Third, you can catch up with your readings. Catching up changes the start date so the first unread devotional will be the reading for today. So even if you miss a few days, a week, or a few months, you can pick up right where you left off. Fourth, you can start over. You can erase your progress and begin the book or reading plan from the beginning, moving the start day to today. Last, you can set daily reminders to help you remember to read each day. You can set the reminder to alert at any time you choose.

You can also copy the reading or passage to paste into another program. If the other program understands HTML, you can set DailyReader's preferences to include the HTML when it copies the text. Quickword is a program that understands HTML and so displays the text with the HTML formatting.

The various devotionals can be fairly big. For example, the Experiencing God Day-by-Day devotional is around 670KB. That will add up quickly if you have two or three devotionals plus MyBible and several translations. Fortunately, DailyReader offers VFS support which means the devotional books can be stored on an external memory card. The devotionals that are currently available for DailyReader are:


DailyReader provides daily devotions in the Palm of your hand. It integrates very nicely with MyBible and tracks your progress in each devotional you read. I think DailyReader is an invaluable tool for reading daily devotionals as it provides many more features than a printed book.

Price: $12.99, Books range from $7.99 to $9.99

- Much more flexible than printed devotionals
- Allows for multiple devotionals - Provides Start Over, Change Start Date and Catch Up features
- Uses your choice of MyBible translations to view Bible passages
- Copies the reading or passage with or without HTML formatting
- Doesn't have a wide variety of devotionals
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