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Campus Crusade for Christ Materials Review

by Tim Drenk
Posted 5/30/02

Campus Crusade for Christ has published some of the best materials for sharing your relationship with Jesus Christ with others. Dr. Bill Bright's Four Spiritual Laws and Spirit-Filled Life booklets are used around the world in over 130 different languages. They are easy to use tools (although certainly not the only ones) to communicate God's truths about experiencing the full and meaningful life Jesus talked about in John 10:10. For this reason, I was excited to see that Campus Crusade saw the value of making these materials available to handheld computers. As with the Bible, now that I am able to carry these booklets on my Palm, I always have them with me.

The two booklets available are Would You Like to Know God Personally and Spirit-Filled Life. The Four Laws and Would You Like to Know God Personally are tools to introduce others to Jesus Christ. The only difference between them is the word "principle" is used instead of "law" in the Would You Like to Know God Personally. The Spirit-Filled Life introduces us to the power of the Holy Spirit and how to incorporate his power into our lives. You can also go to Campus Crusade's site for each booklet: Four Laws, Would You Like to Know God Personally, Spirit-Filled Life.

The booklets are actually programs, not documents, so no reader program is required. That does make beaming them to others easy. Well, in theory. Unfortunately, the developers didn't assign a creator code to the applications (creator codes are used by the operating system to uniquely identify each program) so both have the creator code of ????. In the standard Beam screen, you will only find Know God even if you have both Know God and Spirit-Filled Life installed. The operating system actually thinks the programs belong to each other since they both have the creator code of ????. When you try to beam the Know God entry, the receiving device will only get the Know God program. Unless you have a separate beam utility, you won't be able to beam the Spirit-Filled Life booklet if you have both programs installed.

The Know God program lets you move through the 4 principles by tapping the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen The Spirit-Filled Life program lets you move through the principles for walking in the power of the Holy Spirit by tapping on the "Next" and "Previous" buttons. Unfortunately there is no way to jump to a different page without going through each page. For the Gospel presentation, being able to move around the program is not as important. It is more important for the Spirit-Filled Life program since I have sometimes started at the end of the paper booklet, describing Spiritual breathing to the person. That is not easily done with this program. Plus, in the Spirit-Filled Life program, when you get to the last page entitled "Share with Others", there are buttons to show more resources from Campus Crusade and Publication notes, but there is no way to move out of it, not even to the last page without exiting and starting all over.

Here are a few other random thoughts as I paged through both programs. You have to tap on the buttons on the screen, the scroll buttons are not enabled so the convenience of using them while talking to someone is not there. The programs use many of the same graphics as their paper counterpart which is nice. The text in the Spirit-Filled Life program is double spaced which is less comfortable to read than the text in the Know God program which is one and a half spaced.

One alternative is gotlife?. While it is still limited to just moving forward and back in the text, I can use my scroll buttons and beam the it to others from the program itself.


Needless to say, I am less than impressed with how Campus Crusade has put these programs together. There's a lot that these programs could do and I hope that Campus Crusade will improve these mediocre presentations. Right now, they feel very amateurish which is disappointing since I think both these programs contain great information. Despite my complaints, however, they are still very usable and the information they contain can change people's lives. So regardless of the tool you choose, I hope you use it to communicate with others the truths of God and his Word.

Price: Free


  • Very Good Tools
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Paper booklets are no longer needed


  • Poorly programmed-no creator codes
  • Amateurish feel
  • The only navigation is Forward and Back


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