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Palm Computing  -  Palm Computing developes the Palm OS and makes several devices including the Palm m500, Palm m505, Palm m105, Palm m100, Palm VIIx, Palm Vx, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIxe.

HandSpring, Inc.  -  HandSpring developed the Springboard slot for the Palm OS which is part of every Visor. Visors currently available are the Visor Edge, Visor Prism, Visor Platinum, Visor Deluxe, and Visor Solo.

Sony  -  The Sony CLIE has a MemoryStick slot built in which is compatable with all MemorySticks used in Sony's cameras, camcorders, laptops, and desktop computers.

HandEra  -  HandEra, formerly TRG, makes the HandEra 330 which has 2 slots, a SD card slot and a CompactFlash card slot, a on screen collapsible graffiti area, a higher resolution screen, and other unique features. HandEra also makes the TRG Pro, their first Palm OS device.

IBM  -  IBM rebrands a Palm Vx with their name, makes the device black, and sells it for less than a Palm Vx.

Symbol Technologies  -  Symbol makes Palm based devices with built in bar code readers for data capture.

Kyocera  -  Kyocera's QCP 6035 is a smartphone powered by the Palm OS. As an all-in-one device, it is the only device you need to carry.

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Palm Computing  -  Palm Computing carries a full line of cases and covers for all of their handhelds.

HandSpring, Inc.  -  HandSpring carries cases and accessories for all the Visors

PalmGear  -  PalmGear's catalog of cases is one of the most complete on the web. You can find leather cases to high impact cases.

Handango  -  Handango has a good variety of cases for all different types of Palm OS devices.

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Palm Computing  -  Palm Computing carries styli for each Palm Computing Handheld.

StylusCentral  -  StylusCentral has styli for every occasion. From styli that fit into a device to multi function pen/styli.

PDA Panache  -  PDA Panache has custum styli for different handhelds and general purpose styli to match your preferences and budget.

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Palm Computing  -  Palm Computing carries peripherals for all Palm Conmputing Handhelds. There are folding keyboards, wireless modems, additional chargers, GPS receivers, and many more.

HandSpring, Inc.  -  HandSpring has keyboards and cables for Visors. Most other peripherals have been adapted to take advantage of the Springboard slot.

Handango  -  Handango has a good variety of peripherals for all different types of Palm OS devices.

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Expansion Cards

Palm Computing  -  Palm Computing carries a variety of different Secure Digital Cards.

HandSpring, Inc.  -  There are over 45 different Springboard modules, modules for wireless communication to memory and storage to multimedia modules.

HandEra  -  Any CompactFlash compatible device can be used with the HandEra 330 or the TRG Pro. I/O devices may require a driver to operate in HandEra devices. SD/MMC Cards can also be used with the HandEra 330. HandEra has a catalog of compatible ComplactFlash Cards, Secure Digital Cards, and MultiMediaCards.

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