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In Real Life-Yan Venter

by Kevin Doel

Rev. Yan Venter is an acclaimed author and international evangelist, ordained by both the Southern Baptist and Assemblies of God denominations. Yan Venter Ministries International facilitates leadership conferences and seminars, revivals and camp meetings at churches and conference centers throughout the world. He has written and published several books, including Terror In The Tuli Block, This Present Light, The Light Side of the Ministry and That Man From Africa.

Yan travels throughout the world extensively, and these travels present him with long stretches of time in which he can work on his books or sermon notes. Many frequent travelers can relate to the burdensome task of using a laptop computer in the cramped seating arrangements on airplanes. On a recent flight, he witnessed a fellow traveler typing into a portable keyboard and a Palm Powered handheld computer. The very next day, Yan was the proud owner of a Palm m505 handheld and a portable keyboard. He quickly began using the device's built-in Memo Pad software for writing his sermon notes and chapters to his books. The main challenge left to handle was how to easily get this content from the Memo Pad to MS Word on his PC.

While on another recent flight, Yan learned about Cutting Edge Software's Quickword word processor from yet another fellow passenger. Quickword is a powerful word processing tool for Palm Powered handhelds that offers seamless synchronization with MS Word on the desktop.

With Quickword on his Palm m505, and with the help of his portable keyboard, Yan is able to quickly and easily write his sermons and books no matter where he is. No longer does he have to lug around his cumbersome laptop; instead he can spend those long hours in the air doing his work on devices that are small enough to fit in his coat pocket. Once he returns to his office, his work is automatically synchronized with Word and available for further editing on his PC.

"I'm a free man! At last! Quickword and my new Palm have really enabled me to finally leave that laptop behind and still get plenty of work done while I'm on-the-go," said Yan. "Just yesterday, again on the airplane, I saw some poor guy trying to work on his laptop on his fold-down tray table. This time, I was able to show someone else what Quickword and a Palm handheld can do!"

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