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Tim Drenk on the Church Communication
Network's Technology Broadcast

Tim Drenk was a guest on the Church Communication Network's seminar on Technology: Expanding the Vision and Technology in Worship Program. The program's focus was to bring churches around the United States up to speed on the newest and latest innovations in technology for the church. Some of the topics covered were handheld devices in ministry, enhancing worship through multimedia presentations, using Internet resources for pastors, lay leaders, and congregations, and utilizing youth to take technology to a new level. The program was hosted by Stewart Cheifet and Doug Lawrence. Below is the 10 minute QuickTime video clip of Stewart's interview with Tim. If you don't have QuickTime, you can download it from Apple. For more information about the Church Communication Network and their programming, visit CCN Online.

Small QuickTime Movie,160 x 120, 6 MB

Large QuickTime Movie, 320 x 240, 10 MB
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