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Bible Program Review for the Palm OS Update  -  Tuesday, February 11th
The eighth Bible program, Palm Study by AcroDesign Technologies, has been added to the Bible Program Review for the Palm OS. You can read more about Palm Study here or see the Comparison Chart here.
Bible Program Review for the Palm OS Update  -  Tuesday, January 21th
The Bible Program Review for the Palm OS has been updated to include newer versions of the five Bible programs plus two more Bible programs have been added, QuickVerse PDA and Bible With You. If you know of any Bible Program for the Palm OS that we haven't covered, let us know.
Sonic Light's Constable Notes Reivew  -  Monday, January 13th
Dr. Thomas L. Constable, of Dallas Theological Seminary, has written more than 7000 pages of commentaries and study notes on the Bible over the past 20 years. Through Sonic Light, the notes are available to everyone, you can view them on your computer or your handheld device. You can read more about these very helpful notes here.
DailyReader Review  -  Wednesday, December 18th
Laridian has released a great new tool for the Palm OS, DailyReader. It provides an easy way to keep up and keep track of your daily Bible reading or other devotional readings on your Palm OS device. We have another exclusive first look.
Friday, August 2nd
We've updated our Palm Buying tips to keep up with the latest devices and price drops.
Tuesday, July 9th
If you use Memorize! for Pocket PC, we have collection of verses to help you get started. Click here to read more and download the collection of verses.
Wednesday, July 3rd
Jim McCarthy, of PocketAnywhere, has written a review of Laridian's DailyReader for Pocket PC, which he says is a program that will lead you a step closer to Christ and put daily devotion in the palm of your hand. Read the full review here.
Wednesday, June 19th
Laridian will soon release a new product, Memorize! for Pocket PC. Handheld Ministry takes an exclusive first look at this new product. Memorize! for Pocket PC helps you keep a list of Scripture verses, memorize those verses, and review them. You can use Memorize! to see how well you know each verse. Read the full review here.
Thursday, May 30th
Campus Crusade for Christ has made several of their well known booklets available to handheld computers. There are two available for Palm OS devices and four available for Pocket PCs. We have reviews of both. Read the review and download the Palm OS material or read the review and download the Pocket PC material. In addition, Campus Crusade has made several pages on their site handheld friendly. You can view the Four Spiritual Laws, Spirit-Filled Life, Jesus and the Intellectual, Would You Like to Know God Personally?, and Today's Promises in your handheld's browser.
Friday, May 10th
Pimlico Software has released DateBk5, the latest version of its very powerful calendar program (you can download DateBk5 here). DateBk5 includes the option of changing the color of items, new color icons, support for Sony and HandEra high resolution screens, a single, tabbed preference dialog box, and many more features. DateBk5 is a free upgrade for DateBk4 users and a $10 upgrade for Datebk3 users. We have created and updated some icons that relate to ministry. You can download them here. You can use dbIcon+, which is free and included with DateBk5, to modify and create icons. If you create any icons that you would like to share with others, please email us.
Thursday, April 4th
Handheld computers can look cool in the store, but people often wonder how they can be used in real life. Kevin Doel has a real life example of how handheld computers can help people be more efficient in ministry.
Monday, March 25th
Tim Drenk was a guest on the Church Communication Network's seminar on Technology: Expanding the Vision and Technology in Worship Program. The program's focus was to bring churches around the United States up to speed on the newest and latest innovations in technology for the church. The program was hosted by Stewart Cheifet and Doug Lawrence. You can view the 10 minute video clip of Stewart's interview with Tim.
Monday, March 7th
For those that saw the Church Communication Network's Technology Broadcast, a list of all the programs mentioned can be found here.
Friday, March 1st
A case for your handheld computer is a must if you want to protect your investment. A hard case offers more protection than leather or soft cases and usually looks very industrial. SmarterCases has a nice balance between the protection of a hard case and the look of a soft case. Click here to read the review.

The New International Version is a very popular modern translation today. For Palm OS handhelds, it has been only available for Laridian's MyBible. Recently, Palm Digital Media released the NIV for Palm Reader, which is one of the better e-book readers available plus it's free. Read the review.
Monday, February 20th
We've updated our Palm Buying tips to keep up with the latest devices and price drops.
Friday, February 1st
Being able to carry a Bible on a Palm OS device is almost reason enough to get Palm. Then the choice is which Bible program to get. There are several programs available ranging from freeware to commercial. To help make that decision a little easier, I've looked at five Bible programs (there are several more programs I will add later) and rated each in nine different categories on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Click here to read the review.
Monday, January 7th
Laridian has released Memorize! and we have an exclusive first look at it. Memorize! helps you keep a list of Scripture verses, memorize those verses and review them. You can enter Scripture verses and categorize them to suit your needs. You then can view the list of all the verses you have entered or verses in a specific category. You can review and test as many or as few verses in your list as you want. Click here to read the full review.
Thursday, December 13th
We have two new reviews! Click here to read why Jeff thinks the HP Jornada 565 is one of the best Pocket PCs available. Click here to read how the Stow-Away Keyboard can help you create a mobile writing environment with your Pocket PC.
Friday, December 7th
Palm and compatible handheld computers were originally intended to be predominantly read-only devices. While Graffiti allowed new contacts, short memos and other information to be added on the fly, most agree that they wouldn't want to write a novel, or even the family Christmas letter, on their Palm computer. The Stow-Away Keyboard may change your mind. Click here to read the full review.
Thursday, December 6th
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has developed a free Web Clipping Application for Palm OS devices. You can get a variety of evangelism and discipleship resources, and current news. You need a Palm VII or have the Palm Mobile Internet Kit installed. There are some items that don't require a wireless connection, like "How to Become a Christian", "Living the Christian Life", and "How to Witness for Christ".
Friday, November 9th
Looking to buy a Palm OS handheld and don't know which one to get? Click here for a few suggestions to help you with your decision. 12/6/01 Update:There have been numerous price drops in the past few weeks.
Thursday, October 11th
Graffiti can be a tricky thing to learn and sometimes difficult to write fast. We have a short guide on how to write faster and with more accuracy and how to write alternate strokes that are faster still. Click here to learn how to master Graffiti.
Tuesday, September 11th
We are very saddened by the terrible tragedy today. We pray for comfort for those who's lives have been devastated and for wisdom for the leaders of our nation.
Friday, August 24th
E-books are becoming popular as more and more publishers make more books and magazines available. Being able to read a book during a free moment without carrying an additional item is very appealing to many people. Click here to read more.
Friday, August 3rd
If you want to improve in any area or skill, you need to spend time with others who know more or are better at it than you are. Coaches, trainers, teachers, professors, support groups, discussion groups, and many others all serve the purpose to help us improve in one area or another. If you want to make better use of your handheld device, one way is to spend time talking with others who use them. Talking to others, Users Groups, and Internet forums can provide helpful information and answers to question you may have. Click here to read more.
Friday, July 27th
One of the best features of DateBk3 and DateBk4 is being able to assign icons for events. In the week and month view, they provide instant information without a single tap. Instead of grey bars in the Week View, icons appear in each bar that represent different types of events. Instead of dashes and dots in the Month View, icons represent different events. Even though they don't provide all the information about an event, they provide enough basic information to know, at a glance, what is happening during each day. With a list of 52 icons, you can use different icons for many different types of events. Click here to read how to add icons and modify or make your own.

Tuesday, May 22nd
If you own a Palm m505 and want to have the backlighting on all the time, there is a easy and free solution. Click here to read the How To Guide.
Thursday, May 24th Update: A new program was released that does a better job than what was originally posted. If you followed this guide before May 24th, check out the How To Guide to get the new program.
Friday, May 4th
We've added two items in Palm OS How To Guides; how to change the category of many items at once and how to use key words for advanced contact searches. If you have an idea or tip that helps you use your handheld more effectively, email us and we'll review it and post it to help others.
Thursday, May 3rd
The new Palm m505 Handhelds are beginning to show up at few stores. It's color in a small device. You can read a review of it here.
Friday, April 27th
We have added links to the Resources and Hardware sections. Email us your favorite web sites for resources and hardware for us to review and include them.
Saturday, April 21st
Palm Computing announced new Palm handhelds, the m500 and the m505, last month and Palm has now started to ship a few m500s. We got hold of one and reviewed it. You can find out what Tim thinks of it here.
Thursday, April 19th
As you can tell, we gave the site a new look and we hope you like it. Thanks to Peter, Stevo, and Andy of Zema Training Systems Inc. for their ideas and suggestions.
Tuesday, April 10th
If you attended the Using Your Palm Seminar, you can click here for the page with links for all the programs that were mentioned. Click here for the tips and tricks that were covered.
Saturday, March 31st, 2001
Welcome! We are pleased that you have stopped by to take a look at our new site. Although not every page is finished, we are working on it. The two sections that have the most done are Tips and Tricks and Software. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.
If you have any problems with the site, please email the webmaster.

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