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About Handheld Ministry
Handheld Ministry exists to help people be more efficient in ministry. Our goal is to show people and ministries how handheld computers can be used to help them be more effective and productive in reaching and discipling people for Jesus Christ.
Handheld Ministry developed out of Tim Drenk's passion to incorporate technology in ministry. He has used handheld computers and incorporated them into ministry for over five years, first with first with Campus Crusade for Christ and now with Discovery Ministry.

Handheld Ministry, Part of Discovery Ministry
Founded in 1989 by Rick Drenk, Discovery Ministry's mission is to build disciples in the community and marketplace by building within as many people as possible a foundation for ongoing spiritual growth and ministry. Discovery Ministry ministers to people around the US, Kosovo, and Albania, and soon in Latin and South America. In 2000 we saw the need to help others in ministry to use technology more effectively, and as a result, Handheld Ministry was established.

The Technology Factor
Our world has been impacted by technology in a variety of different areas. Technology has forever changed how we travel, do business, and communicate. Handheld devices will be the among the next devices to change the way we get and use information. They will soon outsell desktop computers. In fact, handheld devices will no longer be seen as new technology, but commonplace.

Handheld Devices and Ministry
Handheld computers are designed to make life more productive. We want to help people leverage that ability to make them more productive in ministry. We see two main areas where handheld devices can make you more productive. The first is leadership/ministry tools and skills including spiritual growth and information management. Using handheld devices can help you grow spiritually by helping you read the Bible, spend time with God, keep track of prayer requests, and review memory verses. Handheld devices can help you manage information, organize your life, and stay connected. The second area is transferable content and material, including witnessing, discipleship, and ministering to others. Handheld devices can also help you witness, disciple, and minister to others by having resources immediately available and having the ability to distribute material easily.

Handheld Ministry Can Help You
We can help you incorporate handheld devices into your ministry through several different affordable services. We offer consulting services to help identify your needs, train those involved, create and deploy customized solutions, and support the project. We offer training seminars on how to make the most of your handheld device and how to utilize its power for ministry. We also offer technical support for all types of handheld devices. We provide quality services to churches and ministries who often are unable to afford them. In order to make the benefits of handheld devices available to you, we provide consulting services based on a sliding fee scale. Please email us if we can assist your ministry in any way.
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